So, hi ^^

My name is Steph, but as a creator, I go by TKAM (if you can figure out what TKAM means, I will love you)

I am a 16-year-old who likes books and video games, so that's why I make VNs

But the problem is I suck at this kind of stuff so... yeah XD

I hope to grow more as a creator and several other things I'm doing at the moment, so... yeah ^^


TheManyWaysToGetAGirlYouMetInCentralPark-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 16 MB
Jul 06, 2017
TheManyWaysToGetAGirlYouMetInCentralPark-1.0-mac.zip 11 MB
Jul 06, 2017
TheManyWaysToGetAGirlYouMetInCentralPark-1.0-pc.zip 26 MB
Jul 06, 2017
TheManyWaysToGetAGirlYouMetInCentralPark-1.0-steam.zip 33 MB
Jul 06, 2017
TheManyWaysToGetAGirlYouMetInCentralPark-1.0-win.zip 12 MB
Jul 06, 2017

Get The Many Ways To Get A Girl You Met In Central Park

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